Corona virus Is A Terrible Disease

Corona virus Is A Terrible Disease


Awareness tips from Corona Virus by APL India Packers and Movers

The corona virus remains a global epidemic today, which has caught the grip of almost all the countries of the world. No treatment has been possible so far. If we want to avoid it, then we have to protect ourselves.

As you all know, almost all countries have lock down due to corona virus. Do you know why? Lock down is installed only to keep you safe. But there are also many people who do not follow Lock down properly. By doing this, they are creating their own not the government or the police. Below we are going to tell whose responsibilities have increased more in this difficult time and how?

Government:-  The responsibility of all governments has increased a lot in this difficult time. Every day, by applying new rules, they plan to control this situation. All the state governments and the central government have also assured full assistance to all. But it would be ironic to say that even after the immigration from the government, people started migrating and this type they inadvertently helped the virus to grow. Right now, we wish that all stay safe and support the government. We should think that the decision that the government takes is for keeping our people in mind and for our safety only.


Police: – Police are doing their duty very well, but think we are supporting them? As far as I think we are not cooperating with the police, due to which the police have to charge sticks and then we go to course the police. If we cooperate with the police, they will also cooperate with us and not hit us. They are also human beings and understand our feelings too, but we are the ones who force them to take some action. We have heard the police saying many times to follow the lock down in the house, but some people have different views. They say that they do not agree with a lot of things. This is the reason that the police have to charge due to the difficulties faced by them in fulfilling their duty.


Doctor:- In this severe environment, doctors are facing the most problems. They cannot even go to their house and cannot even sit and talk with their family members. Today, cases of corona virus are increasing everywhere. The entire task of prevention is on the head of the doctors. In today’s time, we are seeing that doctors are fulfilling their responsibility well, but are we supporting them? No, it is seen in the news today that a hospital was misbehaved with nurses or a patient ran away from the hospital. By doing all this, we put all the people in trouble.

Doctor Look Like The Good

Cleaning workers:- At this time, when the whole world is sitting in their homes and cleaning workers are doing their work with priority, at this time it is only these cleaners who keep our city clean. Just imagine how much garbage will be scattered around us if the cleaning workers also stay in their house. The dirt will spread everywhere in the city. We should thank these scavengers who are fulfilling their responsibility with full dedication. We would like to pray that they join us fully.

You read this above, which is most needed at these difficult times.

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We need to say everyone please the cooperate doctor and police.

It is also a matter of thinking that it will have a great impact on the economy of the country and it may take some time to improve the condition, but they say that life is there.

APL India Packers and Movers say to all of you that if you want to stay safe then follow the lock down. Stay at home everybody used to wash hands by applying soap with warm water. If you do this, then you can make safe yourself and others will also get inspiration.

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